Miss Hice  

I was raised in North Ridgeville. I am a graduate of St. Peter School and North Ridgeville High School. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Education degree from Cleveland State University. I have taught 22 years at "The best Catholic grade school!" Yes, I am biased!!

I taught 3rd grade for 15 years and 1st grade for the last 7 years. I love the beach, painting, making crafts and my dachshund, Molly Hice. My favorite times are those spent with my family and friends.


First grade follows the Ohio Common Core Standards as well as the Diocese of Cleveland Curriculum. First grade is a special time when students are learning to be responsible for their learning.  It is no longer acceptable to expect mom or dad to do things for us but rather to recognize it is "my job" and take pride in this responsibility.  There is a mix of group and individual learning activities as the students settle into their rolls as life long learners.

Operations and Algebraic Thinking

Represent and solve problems involving addition and subtraction.Understand and apply properties of operations and the relationship between addition and subtraction.Add and subtract within 20.Work with addition and subtraction equations.

Number and Operations in Base Ten

Extend the counting sequence.Understand place value.Use place value understanding and properties of operations to add and subtract.

Measurement and Data

Measure lengths indirectly and by iterating length units.Tell and write time.Represent and interpret data.


Reason with shapes and their attributes.

Mathematical Practices

Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.Reason abstractly and quantitatively.Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.Model with mathematics.Use appropriate tools strategically.Attend to precision.Look for and make use of structure.Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning.

Reading List:

  • Dolch wordlist
  • Wordlists based on Treasures Reading Series
  • Phonic word family lists
  • Spelling Lists

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