The Private School Advantage:

Why Choose Private School over Public?

Top Ten Reasons to Choose Private School

An informative article regarding multiple reasons on why you should choose Catholic school over public or charter schools. Read Article

Catholic Schools:  Six Secrets of Success:

This article is from the prospective of a parent and Catholic educator.  He has chosen Catholic school for his children for many compelling reasons and advantages. These advantages are what he calls the "secrets of success". To find out his reasons and advantages your child can experience Read Article

Educating Our Children: Catholic Schools Doing More With Less:

This article has a short video from Fox News comparing Catholic school and private schools.  What they noticed is that Catholic schools are receiving $2,000 less per student; yet, scoring higher than public school students. Read more on why Catholic schools are gaining more with less money. Read Article

Department of Education:  Catholic Schools Beating Public Schools:

From CNN News, a reporter stated, "In the most recent round of National Assessment of Educational Progress tests, which are administered by the U.S. Department of Education, the winners were indeed indisputable. Catholic schools thrashed public schools." Continue to read the article on how big of a difference! Read Article