Read what other students and parents have to say about our school!

"St. Peter School has a kind and welcoming staff that greets us every morning, rain or shine. Even our Pastor, Father Bob, stands outside welcoming the children with a huge smile. I feel very blessed and grateful to know our child is in good hands with the staff at St. Peter School."

"I cannot say enough brilliant things about the teachers at St.Peter. Their ideas are fresh and embrace academic growth."

"The parents of St. Peter are caring and have such a bond and loyalty to one another. The parents I've met will be considered friends to me for the rest on my life."

"Seeing Father Bob at the door of the school every day, in the rain, snow or sun, saying good morning, makes all the difference in the world. He takes a genuine interest in our lives, and shows he really cares about each individual student."

"St. Peter School is where I want to see my children grow in faith and education to better their life and community."

"St. Peter School gave my children confidence."

"My children have grown leaps and bounds academically, spiritually and socially."

"St. Peter School has one of a kind staff that is so welcoming and loves being apart of this school."

"St. Peter School gave my children life long friends and a deep love and understanding for God. This love is a wonderful and solid formation that will affect them for the rest of their lives."

"I have three St. Peter School graduates (Andrea '06, Bethany '08 and Will '13). They have all done extremely well at Elyria Catholic and the older two girls in college. Each of my children are so different but they all love St. Peter and continue to say it was their elementary school that gave them the faith and educational roots to be successful in high school, college and beyond. The success of St. Peter graduates is outstanding as demonstrated in the high school honor roll where most of our graduates appear. Each year several St. Peter School graduates are in the top 5 graduates at Elyria Catholic which shows how successful our curriculum is for students. The love, faith and caring of the teachers is an added bonus!"  ~Rita Price

Student Testimonials:

"My favorite part about St. Peter School is the overall atmosphere of this school, with Christian symbols and pictures, the daily scripture readings, and the friendly vibe that the teachers and staff give off every day"

"I like all the activities this school has to offer, from service, like fish fry, to clubs like Academic Challenge"

"I like St. Peter School. We go on awesome fieldtrips. I like cursive. I like when we learn something new every day. I have so much fun at St. Peter School"

"I like how everyone acts like Jesus. I see Jesus in everyone and I'm thankful for that. If it wasn't for Sister Patricia and the teachers, I think I would'nt be able to know who Jesus was and they helped me through that"

"I like that the people at St. Peter School are always welcoming me with a smile"