Advancing with Technology

Engaging our Students

At St. Peter Catholic School, we take pride in staying up-to-date with the latest technology to engage our students to learn in the way our world is today. Each year we continue to invest in advancing our educational technology.  Every classroom uses Promethean ActivPanels, creating an interactive dialogue with students and teachers. Resulting in increased peer-to-peer interaction keeping students motivated during the learning process.

Over the past years our PTU's annual fundraiser Raise Your Paddle, has helped fund our technology advancements throughout our school. We were able to purchase Wi-Fi for the entire campus, create an iMac computer lab, as well as introduce digital touch learning via iPads.

Through generous donations and the PTU's hard work fundraising we will continue to integrate our students with the technology foward learning environments of today.

Our inventory of technology includes: 

  • 30 iMac Computer Lab
  • 90 iPads
  • 125 Chromebooks (1:1 for 1st-8th Grades)
  • ELMO's in each classroom
  • ActivPanels in each classroom
  • iMac Teacher Station/MacBooks in each classroom
  • Teacher surround sound microphones in each classroom