Mrs. Sherman    

My name is Niki Sherman. I am very blessed to be a wife, mother of three, and teacher. I hold a Bachelor's Degree from Cleveland State University (2004). I am excited to be teaching 5th grade. It's important for me to bring joy and enthusiasm to the classroom. As the 5th grade teacher it is my mission to teach students that they can encounter Christ. The 5th graders will intentionally follow Christ with their academics and service to the community. Christ is joyfully shared in the classroom and on campus with our classroom motto, Be the light (Mt5:313-16) and encourage one another (Thes 5:11). My students know I care about them as my own and that they are loved by God because he created them for a purpose!


Grade 5 has an academic curriculum that follows the guidelines set forth by the State of Ohio and the Cleveland Diocesan Office of Education. Students learn in an atmosphere that promotes Christian Values, responsibility and academic growth. As fifth graders we continue to blossom into independent learners, preparing for the transition to Jr. High and beyond. Students now have access to a chromebook, this allows them on Progressbook to look at grades, missing work, and homework. The planbook is no longer checked by the parents, students are strongly encouraged to still use the planbook. Notes are taken and used along with study guides in the subjects. Not only are the students now doing occasional research projects on their own, they are using chromebooks for all areas of learning. Their lab experiences have also yielded to the engineering and STEM process, Invention Convention.

Current subjects include Religion, ELA Block (Reading, English, Spelling) Health, Science, and Social Studies. Spanish lessons are every Monday.

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